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Apart from the warm and clear tropical turquoise waters that create a calm and welcoming environment, most come to scuba dive the Gili Islands for its abundance of turtles.

Scuba diving Gili Air is all about comfort and 3W DIVE does its best to tailor each diving excursion based on the level of the divers on deck, limiting the number of divers per group to 4. With 3 dives per day and a wide variety of dive sites all just a short boat ride away, you can pick a dive and be home in time for a long lunch with the family or an afternoon yoga class with your partner.

So whether you are an experienced diver or it’s your first time underwater, there will be an enjoyable experience waiting to be had.


With three dives a day, you can go diving when and where you want to dive. Our experienced guides will find you the best spots to dive to suit your experience.



Here at 3WDIVE we offer SSI courses from beginner to professional levels. Whether you are new or experienced, we have the course for you!



Become a Divemaster! The 3W Divemaster Internship aims to provide complete and student-oriented professional scuba diving training.



“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it!”
– Antarctica advocate Robert Swan
Sustainable scuba diving is a responsible and environmentally conscious way to explore the underwater world while supporting marine conservation efforts.

At 3W Dive, an established dive center in Gili Air, Indonesia since 2011, we recognize the impact of our tourism activities on the ocean and take ownership of our role in solving this problem.

To promote sustainable scuba diving, we incorporate eco-friendly practices into our training programs, provide education and resources on marine conservation, and encourage responsible behavior to set an example for others. We are also fully involved in coral farming with the NGO “Indo Coral Conservation,” a marine conservation project around the Gili Islands aimed at growing and planting corals back onto the reef.

Join us in our efforts to protect the ocean and its fragile ecosystems while experiencing the beauty of sustainable scuba diving with 3W Dive.


Imagine an island where time stands still. Where Mondays are a distant memory, and every day is spent soaked in sunlight, surrounded by crystal clear water, sitting on sand that sparkles like diamonds; a place where kids can roam free and play, far from iPads or computer screens; a place where days aren’t planned around deadlines or meetings, but sunsets; a place where you’ll watch, cocktail in hand, as the world around you melts away into a pink and purple dreamlike haze. The islands have a deep sense of calm as there are no motor vehicles, and you can only move on foot, with a bike or horse-drawn carriage called a Cidomo.

Incredible peace and quiet, turquoise water, sea turtles and Nemos at your fingertips, chilled beach bars and breathtaking sunsets. This is our island home, Gili Air; a wondrous piece of tropical heaven with so much more to offer than just diving.


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    March 16, 2021

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    Thibault F
    August 21, 2022
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    star rating  Excellent centre de plongée SSI sur Gili Air. En 2018 j’ai pu passer mon open water et cette fois-ci je suis revenu pour obtenir le niveau advanced. Les spots proposés… read more

    March 1, 2021

    star rating  Super centre de plongée !
    Venue à la base pour un simple baptême, j’ai finalement passé mon open water. Merci à Mathias de nous avoir transmis sa passion pour… read more

    July 26, 2022
  • star rating  Nous avons pu faire une magnifique plongée autours des Îles Gili (Gili Mémo) avec Maxime !
    Merci à tous pour votre accueil !

    August 29, 2022

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    Fanny C
    February 1, 2020

    star rating  Super première expérience.

    Beaucoup de suivi et d’écoute.
    Nous sommes parties sans aucun stresse à l’eau car nous avons été bien guidé !

    J’y retournerai… read more

    August 23, 2022