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Sustainable Scuba Diving



Sustainable scuba diving is a set of practices and principles that promote marine conservation and aim to reduce the negative impact of scuba diving on the environment.

Any scuba diver, dive professionals and dive centers should be concerned about sustainable scuba diving. We can all take steps to reduce our impact on the marine environment while practicing our passion.

Of course, as key players in the scuba diving industry, dive schools have an important role to play in promoting sustainable scuba diving practices and a crucial responsibility towards the protection of the marine ecosystem.

Dive pros should have a basic understanding of how to conserve the natural environment, marine biology, and threats to coral reefs. By modelling sustainable values and promoting best practices, we can raise the level of environmental awareness and education on ocean threats towards our divers, correcting any bad behaviours along the way.


Our dive school is committed to the practice of sustainable scuba diving and marine conservation. We prioritize the protection of marine ecosystems and educate our staff and students on the importance of minimizing the negative impact of scuba diving on the environment.

Our training programs emphasize the principles of sustainable scuba diving, including proper buoyancy control and avoiding contact with marine life and fragile habitats. We also provide resources such as environmental training and information on local marine ecosystems and protected areas, as well as offering marine conservation courses.

We encourage our students to behave responsibly and respectfully towards the marine environment, and to support local conservation efforts. In addition, we lead by example in our own operations by reducing waste and pollution and promoting sustainable practices.

We are invested in a local marine conservation project with the NGO “Indo Coral Conservation”, aimed at growing coral around the Gili Islands and protecting the marine ecosystem.

As a dive school we are in a unique position to educate divers about the importance of sustainable scuba diving practices and promote responsible behavior underwater. By emphasizing the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem, we can help to ensure that divers behave in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment and preserves the beauty of the underwater world for future generations.