3W Dive has a full and independent Divemaster Internship program running.

3W Divemaster internships aim to provide a complete and student oriented professional scuba diving training while making your experience enjoyable!

As a Divemaster trainee, your education will be the central point of your internship. There is one Instructor supervising the whole education so 100% of your time will be used for your training. Because of this we can ensure that each Divemaster we certify is fully qualified and equipped.

Addition all your training will fully prepare you for the Instructor Development Course, if one day you would want to go to the next step.

Why do your internship with 3WDIVE ?

  • We have PADI, SSI and CMAS FFESSM certified instructors, so during your internship you will be able to experience the training or scuba approach of several scuba diving organizations.
  • We include in our teachings many real life based scuba diving experience. You will work with experienced dive instructors which are used to different conditions and have global diving experience.
  • In addition to the Divemaster course we offer packages to get the following certification in: Sidemount (open a new door about experiencing scuba diving), Nitrox (a must have) and Freedive SSI Level 1 (water is our element make one with it).
  • All of our time and energy is dedicated to you and only you.

Visit 3W Divemaster Internships website for more information.